Kundalini Yoga For Youth is a powerful way for 
young people to experience inner peace, stability 
and well-being.  

Kundalini Yoga for Youth yoga classes give students a means to 
deal with their emotions, to develop trust in human nature, to build connections to others, while increasing their sensitivity and compassion.

Students leave classes with skills for concentration, focus, breathing techniques, discipline, deep relaxation and expansive, 
uplifting meditation.

The benefits of Kundalini Yoga are often felt within the first 
class, inspiring students to continue classes, teach friends 
and family, and practice on their own.


“My favorite thing about yoga is how we lie on our backs and we get all of our fears out of our body.” 

Lindsey Lea
5th Grade

In fact scientific studies show that 
just a few weeks of meditation changes the altruistic behavior of preschool children.  See for yourself: Watch the video below, starting at around the eleven-and-one-half-minute mark.