Classes to go!   Kundalini Yoga for Youth classes can be taught almost anywhere!

Kundalini Yoga for Youth provides classes for students in housing projects, after-school programs, community centers, public schools, alternative high schools, drug rehabilitation centers, homeless shelters, summer camps and peer leadership programs.

Recognizing the high rates of stress in students in all schools, principals, nurses, gym teachers and counselors have brought Kundalini Yoga for Youth into gym classes, health classes, counseling groups, special needs classes, and classes in the aftermath of tragedies.

Kundalini Yoga for Youth, is a dynamic addition to any youth programming. Please contact us if you are interested in booking Kundalini Yoga for Youth classes in your school or program, or donate now to help bring classes to young people in need of support.

"Just your presence brings peace to our school." 

School Principal

Please contact us if you are interested in hosting Kundalini Yoga for Youth classes in your program.


Kundalini Yoga for Youth is supported entirely by private donations from people like you. Your generosity provides classes in schools and programs that otherwise lack funding, ensuring continuity of service to children in need of support and caring.