For nearly 20 years Kundalini Yoga for Youth has brought the powerful techniques of kundalini yoga to “at risk” children and adolescents in the inner city.  

​The mission of Kundalini Yoga for Youth is to provide youth with the experiences and skills to connect with their most positive natures, build their deepest inner strength, manage their emotions and experience their personal ability to change and balance their energy through the dynamic and transformative practices of kundalini yoga, deep relaxation and meditation.  

 To “youth at risk,” this practice is a life-line, an oasis of peace and love amid chaos, violence and hopelessness. It can bring a complete paradigm shift in a child’s experience of life, raising potential and possibilities.  

We give children the tools, the strength, the connections, the mental projection and outlook to survive their environments; to change their attitudes and rise above their circumstances.  

​"Within you, you must find your own strength.  When your inner character is stronger than the things outside of you, you win."

The essential message of the program is that while we may not be able to control the things that come to us in this world, we can control ourselves, our perceptions, our attitudes, and our ability to handle the challenges we face.

Sat Kartar Kaur Khalsa
Ms. Khalsa, certified through the International Kundalini Yoga Teacher's Association,  is the founder and director of Kundalini Yoga for Youth. For nearly two decades children have benefited from her vision, her commitment and her dedication to provide strength, hope and opportunity. 
"It really calms me down when we do the sitting for a minute with silence.” 

Corey, 5th grade