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Please keep in mind that in our current global economy, pressure on families at poverty level is increasing, and funding for child services in 
“at risk” areas has declined precipitously.  

Kundalini Yoga classes provide a vital avenue of caring for young people in need and are supported solely through private donations. Your generous donation to Kundalini Yoga for Youth directly helps children in environments of harshness, violence, crime and scarcity. Children need light to grace their days. They need a glimpse of hope and love. Won't you lend a hand? 

​Kundalini Yoga for Youth is a program of 3HO Foundation of MA, Inc. and is organized under Chapter 501 (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your contributions are tax-deductible. Donations are gratefully accepted through this website or by personal checks mailed to our home office.

Yes. I want to help children build a brighter future

"It's  not the life 
that matters, it's the courage that you 
bring to it."

Yogi Bhajan
I cannot make a donation at this time, but please put me on your mailing list to receive updates and information on other ways I can support these valuable programs. I am entering my contact information below.

You can make your Pay Pal or credit card donation by submitting the form at left; or if you want to avoid any of your donation being applied to credit card fees, checks made out to "Kundalini Yoga for Youth" are gratefully received by mail at our home office:

Kundlini Yoga for Youth
368 Village Street
 Millis, MA 02054. 

Thank you!